And getting it this month. The Lumia Denim update has been in the news for all the right reasons these past few weeks. With launch said to imminent, this firmware refresh is highly anticipated.

All the while, we’ve had a complete lack of official details from Microsoft.

Unofficial reports are the go to source for information, and this new one from a land called France claims that Redmond is ready to roll out the refresh for the most popular models in its phone lineup, and only then make it available for other devices.

That is to say that the Lumia 520, 625, 930 and 1520 handsets will get it this month.

While owners of most other Lumia smartphones will have to wait until January, next year, of course. These include models like the Lumia 530, 635, 920, 925 and the ever popular Lumia 1020.

Previous reports have hinted that both the Lumia 930 and 1520 are in line to receive the update early on, so this one ties into those claims a bit.

Obviously, these are just approximate dates, and a lot will depend upon the carriers and how soon they can push the new firmware out. But one thing we can be certain of is that it is going to be a staged rollout, like previous updates that have been released for the platform.

And considering the fact that the Lumia 520 is one of the most popular Windows Phone handsets out there, a lot of users could likely be in on the Lumia Denim action in the next few weeks.

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