Skype for Windows Phone has made a few great strides these past few months in terms of features, and now Microsoft has another new refresh in store for users of the app.

A major new update that is designed to offer a smarter chat experience, as the company puts it.

Skype 2.25 for Windows Phone is already available on the Windows Phone Store, and is flying onto devices that have opted for automatic updates. And while you may not notice big changes when opening the app after installing it, these new features are not targeted at the UI anyway.

As Microsoft explained here on the official blog, the application now comes with bigger emoticons as well as a bunch of new options.

In terms of the emoticons, the smiley faces may just be a little too big on the low end devices like the Lumia 520 and up — they do take up a lot of screen real estate. One handsets with larger screens, though, like the Lumia 1520 they look pretty neat.

Skype Bigger Emoticons

Do keep in mind that your contacts will also be required to have the latest version installed for the larger emoticons to be displayed.

This new version also includes options to delete messages and conversations when chatting.

It is further claimed that Skype should be a bit faster now and offer improved load times, no matter the hardware configuration. And finally, you will also be able to see all avatars for groups, and add groups to your favorite lists thanks to the new update.

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