There is a term called Big in Japan. One of the most technology advanced countries on the planet, at least when it comes to computing and consumer electronics, Japan really is a pioneer in many ways.

And this notion also holds true when it comes to tablets — Windows tablets in particular. Japanese users just can’t get enough of Windows tablet!

While Microsoft is busy convincing users across the globe just how effects slates powered by its newest operating platform are, buyers in Japan are gobbling up these tablets like there is no tomorrow. The market share of Windows powered tablets has now climbed to astronomical figures.

Sure, this information comes from the sometimes reliable DigiTimes, but we’ll believe it. It’s not some cooked up rumor about an upcoming hardware, now is it.

But when you take things in perspective and find that in February 2014, some 15.7 percent of buyers in Japan preferred Windows powered tablets, while the average figure in other countries is a mere 2 percent, then this really is worth noting.

And it is not like people in the country are into low-cost affordable slates, either.

Microsoft Surface is the lineup of choice for buyers there, but for reasons unknown, four of the nine models of their favorite tablet are suffering from shortages in Japan, meaning Microsoft is losing some vital business there.

Big in Japan, as I was saying.

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  1. Japan is viewed as a technologically advanced country by a lot of people, namely the US. In that sense, this is a big change because it makes it seem like Japan is getting behind Windows technology. Nice!

  2. Elaine, 15.7% is a nice number, but what is it up from? I don’t see the figure it jumped from so I’m not sure if it was a big jump or small one.

  3. I usually believe that people outside the US are much smarter about their tech choices than those here, but I’m shocked to see almost 20% IN Japan. I never really thought of Japan as a pro-Microsoft place.

    • Well to be honest, I’ve never seen users in Japan go as crazy over Apple and Android products as other countries, so maybe there is something to it. Either way, it’s good news.

      Microsoft was quick to launch Surface tablets in Japan, I reckon. Too bad about the ongoing supply issues now.

  4. miguelmateojp / April 17, 2014 at 4:47 am /Reply

    Yet we have no Windows Phone 8!!! What is Microsoft waiting to release a device here? Apple is happily saying that they have 70% of smart phone market share!

    • Yeah, pretty odd, Japan should have been one of the first markets that Microsoft should have jumped in. Maybe they still have the Xbox hardware adventure in mind.

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