Mary Jo Foley’s interview with Steve Ballmer

I’m a big fan of Mary Jo Foley.

I think she is one of the best technology reporters out there and does excellent work very consistently.

I found this interview online that she did with Steve Ballmer as his “final exit” interview with Microsoft.

As we move toward a new year in 2014, I think that her discussion with mr. Ballmer is a nice way to describe where Microsoft has been, is and will be in the new year.

  • xinu

    Im also a big fan of Mary Jo Foley as well as Paul Thurrott. Between themselves they have the most amount of insight into whats really going on inside Microsoft and offer the best industry coverage. If anyone is interested they both host a weekly show on the twit network which covers Microsoft extensively. Its very interesting to listen to, I never miss any of their podcasts. This is a very nice addition to reading eye on windows of-course ;).