The world of affordable laptops is about to get real interesting, real fast. While touchscreens were a bit of an outlandish concept for most hardware makers, devices on the lower end of the price spectrum seemed almost uninvited to the party.

But now second tier companies are starting to unleash their very own touch enabled solutions.

A company that goes by the name of Medion has just unveiled its ultra compact laptop, dubbed the Touch 10. It may come with a low price tag, but it is still packs a wallop under the hood — relatively speaking here, of course.

You get a very lightweight package of 1.28 kg (2.82 pounds) with a 10-inch widescreen touchscreen LED display that can push a 1366 by 768 pixels resolution.

This compact notebook is powered by the AMD A4-1200 processor with AMD Radeon HD 8180 graphics. A 500GB hard drive is on offer, and other functionalities include WiFi, USB 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, along with HDMI and VGA out.

Two Dolby Advanced Audio v2 speakers ensure audio is more than serviceable.

The company has loaded up Windows 8 on top, but the option of upgrading to Windows 8.1 for free is always there. Microsoft Office Home & Student also arrive as part of the package.

The Touch 10 is available online and at retail outlets for $400— or £249 and €291 for that matter.

With large companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and friends bringing to market affordable touch enabled Intel Atom tablets at one end, and companies like Medion releasing devices like the Touch 10, we can probably safely lay to rest doubts that hardware makers seem uninterested in Microsoft’s modern OS.

For the first time since the release of Windows 8 late last year, we have a complete range of touch enabled devices, at pretty much all price points. And that is never a bad thing!

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  1. Keep these devices coming. I love new products. All this competition might result in a few people, including Microsoft doing some price drops sooner than expected.

    • Yeah, some rather interesting compromises have been made, but this looks like a pretty good device on paper. No Intel processor means the cost savings have translated to other areas of the hardware.

      But touchscreen, this light, and at this price, awesomeness!

  2. I would advice to everyone, to protect your money, to turn your back to Medion devices, do that favor for yourself…i testec some! Blehhhhh….spend 1-200 more once for other device and be happier! Sometimes cheap is expensive at the end.

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