Meet Your Windows 8.1 In These New Microsoft Videos

Meet Your Windows 8.1 In These New Microsoft Videos

If you were wondering where is the elaborate marketing blitz that was promised at the launch of Windows 8.1, then stop wondering. Microsoft has rolled out a couple of really interesting clips.

One is the perhaps the charming technology ad you will see all year, and another is the most creative.

Both videos have just been rolled out, and showcase the new and improved features of the new operating system, while at the same time bringing into spotlight the various Windows 8.1 devices that are set to hit the store shelves in the coming weeks.

And the capabilities of the new operating system on devices with multiple form factors are an absolute highlight of these new clips. The first of the clips is titled ‘Meet the New Windows 8.1’ and the other one goes by the title of ‘My Windows 8.1’.

The first video is high on desktop usage and shows off the enhanced Start Screen, SkyDrive and Skype integration, improved Snap View and, obviously, Internet Explorer 11. Watch it here:

The second video is a clip that showcases these improvements Microsoft made to make Windows 8.1 work flawlessly on smaller 7 and 8 inch tablets, both in portrait and landscape modes — in creative stop motion, at that. Take a look at this one below:

For my money these are two of the most smart and efficient ads to come out from the House of Windows. Redmond is sure to continue and amp up its marketing blitz in the coming days, so keep an eye out for new videos, both from Microsoft and its hardware partners, promoting Windows 8.1.

For now, take a look at these two short clips above, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Ray C

    These are some nice commercials. They need a few more like this along with a couple “whoa look at that” or “how cool” commercials. But it’s kind of hard to wow people with tech anymore. It’s not the mysterious tech ghost anymore.