Microsoft’s immense job cut announcement left everyone reeling. Particularly those 18,000 employees across various company divisions that will be heading home in the next year or so.

Perhaps the most important Redmond division is the operating system group, headed by Terry Myerson. He also sent a memo to employees, which reached the web, and talks a little about the changes that are expected to take place at the company.

And while the senior executive has not talked specifically about people that will be fired in the near future, he does talk about how his group will operate from now on. Here is it in full:

Re: Focusing our team

As Satya shared last week, and we’ve been discussing for almost a year, we are making broad changes in how we engineer products. Thus, today we are restructuring some parts of our team in three areas: consolidating some of our geographically distributed teams, cancelling some projects to increase investment on higher priorities, and changing the ratio of people working across disciplines as part of our new engineering process. For individuals in Redmond whose jobs are impacted, a leader within their organization will have reached out by 11:30 AM PDT today; timing outside of Redmond will vary.

This change is so incredibly hard. People whose jobs are impacted by these changes are our colleagues and friends. The company is offering support, services and assistance during this transition in a number of ways. For those of you whose jobs are impacted by this, I want to thank you for your contribution to Microsoft and our customers, and wish you the best.

It will take time for all of us to adjust to today’s announcement, but we can now move forward knowing that we have completed the OSG-wide restructuring in the US today; the process outside the US will be completed according to local law and practices.


So basically, the Windows team will now focus on essential products, and this reorganization will allow them to do so with higher priorities from now on.

The big consideration here is that whether these layoffs will impact the development of Windows 9 in any way, or result in a delay in launch of the new operating system. Time will provide the answer.

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  1. At least there seems to be a rhyme to their reason. I know some will try to spin it this way, but it doesn’t seem like a senseless job cut to me. There’s a real purpose for this.

  2. Memo full of political wording and lack of actual things.

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