Merry Christmas to you and the Windows 8 development team at Microsoft!

Well thing are slowing down (obviously) for Christmas 2012.

I just wanted to take some time out to say thank you to everyone who has spent time on the site this year.

The site now has about 17,000 comments which is a pretty cool amount of participation from you all.

It’s been fun covering Windows 8 for so long and even more fun getting your feedback on where Microsoft’s Operating System is going.

Three years ago, I started this site because I was genuinely excited about the next version of Windows and the potential it had to radically reinvent how we lived and worked.

There were many things that I was hoping to see in Windows 8 that Microsoft absolutely executed well.

  • Enhanced performance
  • Incredibly fast startup
  • Profile portability
  • Cloud Integration
  • Security
  • Better updates
  • Better parental controls
  • Faster and more efficient file management

and there have been other things that haven’t worked very well (no need for that list).

However one thing remains true.

Thousands of developers and software designers worked REALLY hard on this Operating System because they wanted to change the course of computing as much as we wanted them to.

To everyone at Microsoft who worked hard on Windows 8, I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and get some well earned rest!

Thank you for your efforts on this product.

And the same goes to you, the readers of this blog who have made it a commercial success.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this piece of the web.

Please stay safe, spend time with friends and family and have a great holiday.

Onuora Amobi

Editor –

  • ECM2