The past few days have been all about Windows 8.1 Update 1, the upcoming refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Everything from screenshots to speculation, rumors and release dates have been talked about by the community.

And while many details are still unconfirmed, we do know that Redmond is working towards making the Modern UI not only more appealing, but also more accessible to users.

One part of this puzzle is the addition of a bunch of new options that are rather similar to the traditional context menu in the desktop environment. We covered this in elaborate detail here.

Now, one aspect of this whole deal that left us wondering was whether these new options would be offered for all Metro apps, not just those that are on the Start Screen, and all that.

Paul Thurrott has claimed this to be the case — citing his unofficial sources.

Microsoft is keen to bring the two environments as close as possible with this new refresh, and considering just how much the company wants users to discover new ways of using and navigating the Modern UI, these changes make sense.

The latest is that Windows 8.1 Update 1 will start appearing on PCs and devices in early March via the Windows Update option in order to make the download and install process that much easier for users.

We should find out soon, either way, in just a month and then some.

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  1. Sounds great, but it would be nice if they would go back to the old way of making updates and service packs available for everyone. I’m still waiting for my co-worker how has the volume license account associated with his e-mail to make 8.1 ISO.

    • While I agree, it is a bit difficult to see this happening, now that the Windows Store is up and running. Would love to be proved wrong, though.

  2. where is the link to download the update?

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