Metro processing seems to be a little slow in Windows 8

I have an ExoPC slate device which seems a little slow when running Windows 8. That ironically has turned out to be a blessing.

You see, when your hardware is slow, you sometimes get to see the way an Operating System operates in slow motion.

As a writer, this makes for very interesting observations.

For instance, I’ve noticed that when I go from the Metro start page to the Windows Store, something interesting happens.

The Windows Store screen is loaded instantly BUT I can’t swipe from right to left for a couple of seconds. It feels like it’s waiting for some of the tiles to load.

It feels like Metro is coded this way:

  • Display page
  • Populate tile data
  • Enable navigation (swiping)

This feels (obviously) very inefficient. The way it should work is:

  • Display page
  • Enable navigation
  • Populate tile data

I would rather be able to swipe while tiles load than try and swipe and not be able to.


Has anyone else noticed performance issues with the Metro tiles in Windows 8?