There are many features in Windows 8 that are worth talking about such as new speed improvements, the Metro interface, and the upcoming Marketplace. One feature that isn’t talked about as much but is equally important is the Control Panel.

With every version of Windows, Microsoft has taken to the Control Panel with new improvements that make it easier to change features in Windows and make it the operating system you need.

In Windows 8, the Control Panel has some options directly viewed in Desktop Mode while also offering a Metro Control Panel, too.

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Let’s take a look at just a few features in the Metro panel:

Personalize: This tab is all about customizing the lock screen and User Tile. Right now, you can’t change Metro’s color scheme but in BETA this is supposed to change and this will be the place to do it.

Users: This is pretty much the place to add and change users and user permissions. This also always you to change in the login methods such as classic password, pin,, and the new gesture/picture login system.

Notifications: This option allows you to tweak setting and choose which application should notify when something happens, basically. Each app listed here has a toggle where you can switch notifications on and off.

Privacy: The privacy menu allows you to see how applications use personal information such as location, account picture, your name, and other settings. You can also delete history for applications here as well.

General: I don’t really like the name “General” because it doesn’t seem to clarify how important this tab really is. This is the place you go to tweak touch-keyboard options but it is also the place to Refresh/Reset your PC if something goes wrong. In Windows 8 you can easily reset/refresh Windows to fix problem.

Search: Search in Windows 8 uses global integrated search, a feature that looks even inside of apps to find what you are looking for.

Ease of Access: This feature has probably changed the least and offers tools for disabled or those who have eyesight, hearing problems, etc.

Devices: You will find here a list of all connected devices and the option to remove them.

Sync PC Settings: Using Window’s Live ID you can configure the PC to automatically import major setting when accessing the same account from different Windows 8 systems.

Keep in mind all these features are also fully available in Desktop Mode’s more robust control panel.

I personally found I preferred the classic panel, but if I was already in Metro, the Metro-style panel offered a quick and easy way to reach basic setting features. How about you? What do you think about the Metro-style Control Panel? In Windows 8 will you likely use the desktop panel or get used to using the Metro panel for most options? Share your thoughts below!

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