Michael Dell restates Dell’s support for Windows 8

Michael Dell restated his support for Microsoft’s new Operating System today in an appearance on American Financial TV station CNBC.

Dell was asked about Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) success with smart phones and tablets. With Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows 8 coming out, Dell was asked if the company can see profitable growth in the consumer segment or just manage the situation?

Dell retorted that the consumer segment is only $250 billion while the commericial sector is $2.75 trillion. Dell stated that the company was excited for Windows 8, and “will be right there” with the Windows 8 announcement.

Dell, like other PC manufacturers have expressed substantial interest in Windows 8 and seem to be waiting for this release eagerly.


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  • Timiteh

    It is normal that DELL and other OEM express interest for Windows 8 as it will finally enable them to have a credible O.S for building Windows based Tablet PC/slates and some other form factor PC. However, i think that Microsoft can go even further by sharing a percentage of the profits generated by Windows store with OEMS.
    Microsoft can also fund the development and design of some new form factor devices with some key OEMS (like Dell,ASUS or HP), which will have the exclusivety of this form factor for let say 6 months.
    To be fair Microsoft can launch a concept competition open to all the OEM and fund and help to develop the ten more innovative concept in order to boost innovation in the PC segment.
    Microsoft can’t develop PC hardware itself,for some obvious reasons, but nothing prevent it to fund R&D hardware project for the OEM which have great concepts.
    Btw, i am quite curious to see what the next XBox will be able to do and to offer.