Micromax Windows Phones Do Not Come With Lumia Exclusive Apps

The next step in the evolution of the Windows Phone platform is a sustained interest for local hardware vendors in some of the biggest mobile markets. Micromax in India is a good example.

One of the largest local vendors in this region, the company joined the Windows Phone party by announcing the release of two new smartphones powered by Microsoft’s mobile operating system — the Canvas Win W121 and the Canvas Win W092.

These two handsets are special in the sense that they are one of the most affordable Windows Phones on the market. The Canvas Win W121 is cheap enough at $160, but the Canvas Win W092 is the cheapest Windows Phone at just $110 unlocked.

And those in the market for such budget sets will only be turned off by one thing.

As Microsoft confirmed during the launch event of these two devices, the Micromax handsets do not come with Nokia apps and services that are exclusive to Lumia smartphones.

You know, the HERE service, MixRadio and custom camera applications.

While completely understandable, even if Microsoft owns most of the apps and services, this is, nevertheless, a bit of a downside to these third party smartphones. And it may result in some fans opting for Nokia (read Microsoft Mobile) solutions like the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 instead.

But these handsets do come preloaded with most Microsoft services like Office, Bing Maps and Search.

One might imagine this will be the case with all other third party handsets that launch in the coming months, and while it does leave room for these companies to cook up their own custom solutions, it will all come down to buyers if they want to pay a little extra for Lumia smartphones.

  • Genie

    Hence why they’re cheaper. They don’t offer everything the more expensive Windows Phone’s do. Not a surprise to me.