Microsoft accidentally gives software pirates some help

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft may have provided a loophole for Windows 8 pirates.

Apparently, Microsoft’s promotional Media Center upgrade unlocks a lot more than they intended.

From The Verge.

Microsoft is giving away a Media Center upgrade to Windows 8 Pro users until January 31st, and pirates have discovered that the key provided will fully activate a copy of Windows 8 that was previously temporarily activated through the KMS workaround.

The blunder means pirates can download an illegitimate copy of Windows 8, temporarily activate it through KMS and then upgrade it fully to an activated copy of Windows 8 thanks to Microsoft’s own Media Center upgrade offer.

The Verge has confirmed the procedure works on a test machine and we have reached out to Microsoft for a comment on the method.


  • Jason Deveau

    price was too good, Im normally a pirate but for $39.99? I just bought it. Twice.

  • pappu shriwas

    windows 8 key 64&32 bite