Microsoft have made substantial efforts to get closer to end consumers and establish a good rapport with bloggers and media persons, particularly those that are in the United States.

The May 20 Surface Pro 3 launch event is an example.

Select journalists were invited to that gathering, and tablets were given away to each participant in order for them to discover the device. Well, we now have another such company attempt to get closer with influential people.

And this is, for all intents and purposes, a secret campaign.


This report has the details, where an agency contacted the senior editor on Microsoft’s behalf, inviting him to write about Internet Explorer in return for compensation — an undisclosed amount, by the way. The message reads:

“I work as a social strategist on behalf of Microsoft, and I wanted to invite you to collaborate on a sponsored post opportunity for Internet Explorer. We love your aesthetic and blogging system, and think you’d be the perfect partner to spread the word on the new Internet Explorer browsing experience!”

Paid reviews have been around for a long time, though, nothing new.

And even if Microsoft does not clearly state that bloggers (and reviewers) have to praise the web browser, it is rather obvious that this is the case. At the very least, this campaign might result in more people reviewing Internet Explorer and comparing it to other solutions on the market.


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  • Ray C

    No story here at all

  • Mary

    Non story for sure, but I’ve praised IE before and never gotten paid! This stinks! 😛