You can count on Microsoft not to think twice when adding to and enriching the Windows Azure ecosystem. And this includes acquiring startups that it believes can improve the cloud service.

Continuing with its rapid pace of enhancing the Windows Azure division, Redmond has just announced that it has acquired Apiphany — a startup company based in Washington, DC. Microsoft plans to use its software APIs in Windows Azure.

In a short post on the Windows Azure blog, Microsoft made the deal official:

“While there is nothing new about app extensibility, cloud computing has rapidly accelerated the use cases for extensibility which has increased the value of the APIs. As you might expect, with expansion and increased value, comes additional work to expose APIs reliably, securely and at scale.

Our newly acquired API management services provide businesses of any size the tools they need to expose particular endpoints while selectively gating access to more sensitive data and services.”

Financial terms, however, were not disclosed.

Apiphany is an API management and delivery platform that recently went into business — in 2012 to be exact. API management allows developers to launch, control and scale their APIs in the cloud.

The company will now work with Microsoft to integrate its API management and delivery platform into Windows Azure, which has been up until now delivered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service).

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