McLaren and McQueen? Who’d have thought! We have known for a while that Redmond was cooking up to new high end Windows Phones. They were, of course, cancelled before release.

Dubbed the Nokia McLaren, this was expected to be one of the most exciting products to come bearing the company’s logo — only to be discarded ahead of launch just like the Surface Mini.

However, new information about the device keeps pouring in.

This time a Quality Specialist at Microsoft has chimed in with details that may interest fans of the Windows Phone platform. In a post on LinkedIn, he reveals that one of his responsibilities was to ensure that production of the prototypes went as scheduled.

Which prototypes you ask?

Codenames like McLaren, McLarenTD, McQueen, Superman, Libra, Athena are thrown around.

As reported here, the second model of the McLaren could actually have been aimed at the Chinese market, where the TD could stand for TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE. These are Chinese versions of 3G and 4G cellular connectivity, in case you were not in the know.

And while the McLaren was by no means being designed as an affordable device, it was to be marketed in several countries across the globe as a flagship, hence this second new model.

In closing, while the details on the name McQueen are still missing, chances are that it referred to either a model that made to store shelves (the Lumia 830 or the Lumia 735) or another smartphone that was cancelled. We’ve heard the other codenames before, after all.

Sources do claim that Microsoft is still thinking about releasing the McQueen in the coming months, probably alongside the launch of Windows Phone 10.

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