Microsoft Admits That Removing Desktop Start Was Like Taking Away A Warm Blanket

If you’ve ever wondered how crunch decisions like these are made in large companies, then wonder no more. It is tough going, brother, with lengthy debates back and forth.

The principal program manager lead on Windows is here to offer the lowdown on what went down behind the scenes. Chaitanya Sareen, in an interview with CNET, talks about the internal debate about whether or not to include the desktop Start button during Windows 8 development.

A very, very long discussion he says:

“It’s not like someone sits there and says, ‘There will be no start button.’ It’s a long discussion. A very, very long discussion.”

All said and done, though, the final decision to remove such a key feature altogether in Windows 8 vanilla was a move that many (some would say most) people that used the modern operating system considered a mistake.

The senior executive terms this as taking a warm blanket away from a person — suddenly.

And we all know how that feels!

Microsoft, however, has been making the necessary changes to rectify this mistake. Windows 8.1 brought back the Start Button, and now a future update to the operating platform is said to be bringing back the Start Menu. That, or Windows 9, for sure.

Sareen, does mention that Microsoft is now responding faster and faster to feedback, then before. It is hard not to believe what the man says, what with how things have panned out in the past few months.

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