Microsoft Admits That Windows 8 Learning Curve Needs Addressing

Microsoft Admits That Windows 8 Learning Curve Needs Addressing

Simple and humble operating systems that they were, Windows 98, XP and friends still came with a pretty intuitive tutorial to acclimatize users of the new features that were included.

Right after installation, some pretty elaborate (and helpful!) guide tutorials for users — both experienced and novice. Windows 8, on the other hand, brought in some bold and radical new changes, most of them affecting how the end users interacted with the operating system.

This led to a fair amount of confusion amongst users with regards to anything and everything new that Windows 8 brought with it.

But now it appears that Redmond is willing to address the learning curve of its new OS.

According to Tami Reller, the lead of the Windows division, some users are still experiencing difficulties when exploring new features of the newest operating system. Indeed, some are even having troubles with old ones, but you get the general drift.

Talking to The New York Times, she said that this is something that is going to change in Windows Blue.

And one of the ways Microsoft may enhance this with Windows Blue is by including a post-installation tutorial that presents the hot corners introduced in Windows 8. This new feature actually makes it easier for users to access specific options, but not all can put it to good use as of right now.

Of course, Microsoft is also said to be working on a Start button, but whether that is just a decorative button that launches the Start Screen, or a classic one that opens up the Start Menu remains to be seen.