Or rather, the issue of approving fake and scam applications. The Windows 8 app quality problem will take care of itself in time, but apps that try to trick users into buying or downloading?

No sir, that is just not on!

Redmond touched upon this issue in 2012, and removed a lot of these low quality applications. But they are still showing up on the Windows Store, and worse yet, some even make the automatic highlight sections, and top charts when browsing the store.

The perils of having a young, new app repository. Always happens.

Several outlets have talked about this problem. We covered it here when fake applications like Mac OS for Windows, Candy Crush Saga PC, BBM PC and WhatsApp for Windows appeared — with the sole intention of tricking unsuspecting users into buying.

Others have reported on this nagging issue too after finding a lot of such spam apps.

And a Microsoft spokesperson, talking to Slate responded:

“We strive to make the Windows Store a high-quality experience for customers and also accessible to the broadest audience of developers.

Based on customer and developer feedback, we recently took actions to help users discover the specific app titles they’re searching for and improve the overall Store experience. Those updates provide clear guidance to developers and also improve our ability to identify, audit and remove problematic apps. We recognize that there is more work to do and will continue to re-evaluate our policies to strike a balance between the opportunity for developers and the app quality that our customers expect.”

Some generic stuff mixed in with a little confession that the company needs to routinely review these apps, based on their performance, rating and reviews, and remove the fake ones.

Windows Store would be better off for it.

Undeniably better off.

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  • CalvinQ

    Too may issues from Microsoft nowadays. I do really think that’s a really nice statement from Microsoft though. Happening too often, but I really hope this stops happening so often.

  • Jake

    Blackberry has the same issue. Windows is doing better than them, but the issue is the same. Android and Apple have more developers and interest in apps. It helps separate them from the competition. Hopefully windows phone can find a way to close the gap.

  • Shamir Dasgupta

    How and why are these apps getting past by the approval process? Will it take a class action suit for Microsoft to fire these approvers? My second app on the Windows Phone store was rejected the first time because I didn’t include a privacy policy and a link to the said policy. So obviously there are some warm bodies at Microsoft.

  • http://www.lovemysurface.net/ Joanna

    I usually just use the free apps in Windows Store and only the ones that good reviews. don’t know why anyone would install something that is not reviewed by others and pay money.
    As with anything else, it’s buyer beware.