You know how it is in technology these days. When the rumors start coming, they just don’t stop coming. Few could have imagined that Redmond was preparing to unveil Surface Mini this month.

Fewer still could have predicted that an Intel based Surface tablet would accompany it.

But as we heard a couple of days back, there is every chance that the technology giant is ready to bring around more hardware goodness for those attending the press event in New York on May 20. In fact, another report corroborates this.

This recently published news story over at CNET cites people familiar with the matter, and reveals that Microsoft is on track to showcase a new Surface tablet powered by a Haswell chip.

Obviously, alongside the Qualcomm based Surface Mini.

Intel is said to have collaborated with Microsoft in development of this new model, but although details about the project are still under wrap, it is said that this new Surface tablet would come in the original size, unlike the small form factor that the Mini caters to.

Since it is based upon the Haswell line of processors, one thing we can be sure of is that this new Surface unit would be specifically optimized for better power consumption.

Ultimately, though, it seems that NVIDIA is the biggest loser in this game, as Microsoft looks set to continue its partnership with both Intel and Qualcomm.

May 20 cannot get here soon enough.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what is announced

  2. The more the merrier. Good news that the rumors are floating here. We will have to see what’s announced, but it’s good there’s numerous possibilities.

  3. WillyThePooh / May 10, 2014 at 8:48 am /Reply

    I use my tablet on pubic network so I don’t really want an Intel based tablet. Some may.

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