In Japan, that is. This is one country that has really taken to Windows powered tablets in recent months. Large hardware vendors like ASUS and Toshiba have released many such models in the local market.

And while we have heard several reports that claim that Windows tablets are big in Japan, and the market share of these devices is rapidly climbing, we now have some official confirmation that Microsoft tablets are selling really well.

How well, you ask?

Sales have skyrocketed to such an extent that the company now wants to conquer pretty much half the tablet industry in this key market. A score of 50% is the long term goal.

Microsoft Japan Co. President Yasuyuki Higuchi, in a recent interview with Japan Times said that the company posted an increase of 10.1% from last year, and now currently commands 30.1% of the tablet market in the country.

And while a 50% goal seems massive, it is expected to take another year or so.

Higuchi revealed that the tablet sector is set to continue growth in Japan, particularly because of the decline of the PC industry that is pushing users towards touch enabled mobile devices. Which, in the grand scheme of things, might not be such a bad thing after all.

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  1. Japan is usually more tech savvy. If only Sony didn’t have homecourt advantage there, they would see the benefit of XBox of PS. But hey start in Japan and move to the rest of Asia from there.

  2. Always a good idea to set lofty goals and expectations, but this seems a little too farfetched for Japan. There’s too many local manufacturers that have a big advantage over MIcrosoft for them to achieve 50% of the tablet market over there.

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