The grand old year ’82 brought with it the classic yet unlucky Brazil football team, the Commodore 64 home computer, the Falklands War, the first smiley icons, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Microsoft seems to really like this number, as it appears it is working on an 82-inch device — powered by the robust and radiant Windows 8, of course.

Redmond is, after all, trying to bring as many devices as it can to the market, and executives from its hardware division have revealed that they are working on a whole bunch of them right now. But while smaller tablets are just a stone’s throw away, large-screen devices are not exactly out of the picture.

Now this may actually be somewhat unexpected, but CEO Steve Ballmer did reveal at the Gartner Symposium ITXpo event that an 82-inch device running Windows 8 is something that the company is testing right now.

Expectedly, however, he did not provide any specifics. ZDNet has this quote from him:

“It looks great on a wall, but isn’t very portable.”

So there you go — the shortest of confirmations, but a confirmation nonetheless!

Come to think of it, consumer electronics is an area of untapped potential for the Windows platform, and probably one of the main reasons why Microsoft puts so much of its weight behind the Windows RT platform. The upcoming Windows RT 8.1 has many of the features built into Windows 8.1 core.

Now whether this is 82-inch HDTV that runs Windows on ARM, or a full-fledged Windows device for businesses and enterprises, only time will tell. That is, if it comes to the market in the first place.

But this is just another proof that Redmond is knee-deep into the devices and services concept, and few things in life are more exciting.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Did you see the new Fox news room?

    • Fahad Ali

      Aye. It’s impressive, but a little too impractical for my taste. 😀 Give me a Windows powered desk, a small one, but you know, something from newer science fiction movies.

      That, or I’ll take a 20-30 inch think tablet, widescreen, thank you very much.