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Open source is steadily gaining acceptance at Redmond, and Microsoft have become a fair bit more interested in such software. A new initiative has the company partnering up with long term rival Google.

Both companies have joined forces in a new partnership to bring more open source software to the Azure platform — and as a result, Microsoft’s cloud offering will now get support for technologies like Kubernetes and libswarm.

Microsoft talked about this new initiative, saying:

“Announced in June, Kubernetes is a declarative container management solution supporting orchestration and scheduling of Docker containers, originally built on top of Google Compute Engine.

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Microsoft Open Technologies’ contribution to this GitHub project will enable Kubernetes capabilities on top of Azure Linux Virtual Machines. This will offer additional options to our developers who want to use Linux containers and manage them with Kubernetes.”

Additionally, the company will also offer native support for the libswarm project that offers imperative management on Docker.

Although Microsoft showing increased interest in open source is not exactly a new thing, this enhanced collaboration with Google is. But the thing is that both companies can continue their battle in the highly competitive cloud market by offering better solutions to customers.

Who, all said and done, are the ultimate winner in this.

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  1. A tad surprising to see MIcrosoft and Google teaming up in anyway, but it’s a nice move all the way around I think. Microsoft and Google can both exist and be successful

  2. It’s fine to dabble in it a little bit, especially when one of your competitors is some heavily involved in it

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