Microsoft might be based in the United States, but it is truly a global corporation. This much is evident by its commitment to special events for IT professionals across the globe.

For IT professionals in Bahrain, today kicks off a very important Microsoft event. The Windows Server 2012 and Infrastructure Management IT Pro Camp is a special professional-led event that is totally free of charge to its participants.

The event is about providing hands-on training for IT professionals and lasts from the 19th to the 20th of December. While Microsoft is the key leader in this special event, HP and the Kingdom of Bahrain’s major IT professionals are also partners in the training and learning event.

Here’s what Microsoft’s regional country manager had to say about the event and their commitment to bringing new Windows IT Pro technology to Oman and Bahrain:

We are committed to providing IT professionals information and data about our latest products, software and innovations, as well as hands-on demos and interactive discussions with our experts, our partners’ such as HP and our clients’ like ALBA.

The operating system has always been the heartbeat of IT and is now undergoing a renaissance in the new world of continuous cloud services, connected devices and big data.

Outside of general training seminars, there will also be demo sessions for new Microsoft products, including Windows Azure. The IT community in the Middle East is growing rapidly and it is becoming yet another important market for Microsoft.

Any IT Pros reading this that live in the area and attending the event today?

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