Although Samsung hogs the limelight, but another South Korean company, LG, is also an established technology leader. Microsoft and LG have partnered up on a number of ventures.

But there still remains immense potential for both companies to further this association.

LG is not a Windows Phone partner now, though the company did launch a couple of smartphones that were powered by Windows Phone 7 back in the days. Redmond, on the other hand, is going all in with the Internet of Things concept, and could use the consumer electronics experience that LG possesses.

This, then, seems to be the logic behind this new deal between Microsoft and LG.

The two companies have just signed a memorandum of understanding, whereby both will collaborate on the Internet of Things business while launching new products that use Microsoft services.

This is what LG said in a statement today:

“LG Electronics signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MS over IoT-related businesses. LG Electronics will closely cooperate with MS to find next businesses.”

A rather big win for Microsoft, as LG is one of the biggest consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. Easy to see this deal transition to both the consumer side of the business, as well as enterprises.

And although, a return to the Windows Phone platform is not confirmed by LG, this is something that could change soon. Only question that remains is whether the company will launch a Windows Phone 8 handset, or wait for Windows Phone 9.

The coming months will provide the answer.

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