Although nothing is confirmed, there are strong indications that Microsoft will release a new version of Windows Phone early next year, one that goes by the name of Windows Phone 8.1.

Codenamed Windows Phone Blue, the development work on this anticipated update is reportedly in its final stages, and the newest version of the mobile operating system is under active testing right now. According to previous reports, Redmond has included a number of enhancements in the new OS.

The most notable new addition is the Notifications Center.

Another noteworthy enhancement is the Cortana voice assistant, which should in all probability work similar to Siri and Google Now from Apple and Google respectively. Also making the cut in Windows Phone 8.1 is sorting of app lists and actionable notifications.

Anyway, this new information that both companies are testing the new version comes from here, and shows the FB Page Manager application installed on devices powered by various builds of Windows Phone 8.1. No further details, however are available.

For the uninitiated, FB Pages Manager is an app that allows users to manage their Facebook profiles straight from their smartphones.

More details should not be too far away as we get closer to the final release of Windows Phone 8.1, which according to most estimates should happen in early 2014.

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  • Ray C

    Good news. Keep evolving the OS

  • Robert Trance

    Would be a very logical next step