Microsoft And Samsung Plan To Settle Patent Dispute

Redmond, last month, made a decision to start legal action against the Korean company, but according to the latest reports, both Microsoft and Samsung are keen to settle this dispute.

The clash arose because of Samsung not paying its patent royalties — it had not paid full royalties since September 2013. This was revealed when Microsoft officially announced the takeover of Nokia’s devices and services unit.

But now industry officials are confident that a settlement could be reached soon.

And that is because of two simple reasons. Both companies need each other for a number of projects. Microsoft wants Samsung to install its Windows operating system on its hardware, while the Korean technology giant hopes to benefit from Microsoft’s cloud solution. Azure.

According to the source:

“The key point is that Microsoft wants to settle the lawsuit and it’s no surprise to see that the two technology giants have resumed ‘working-level’ discussions on how to dismiss lawsuits filed by Microsoft to a New York court

Samsung earlier promised to team up with Microsoft to promote Windows platforms and Windows-embedded mobile devices. If the two settles the lawsuit, then Samsung may show more attention for the development of Windows-powered devices.”

The last sentence is rather interesting.

The world needs Samsung to show more attention to the development of Windows powered devices, particularly Windows Phone. Android, right now, is running away with the mobile market, even iOS is experiencing slowdowns.

Windows Phone, although its share dipped in recent months, is still the most viable third choice.

In any case, it is nice to see both companies settling the dispute, which actually started soon after Samsung took the lead in the worldwide smartphone market, according to Microsoft.

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  • John Howe

    I guess this is a good thing. Settle for both sides and move on. Better than wasting time and money on never-ending legal fees.