Sign that Surface 3 is incoming? Seems so. Redmond has just launched a new Surface 2 discount, which sees the 10-inch tablet retailing for $100 off its regular price.

Part Microsoft’s Back-to-School promo, part the company’s attempt to offload inventory ahead of the launch of a successor to this Windows RT slate, the 32GB model of the Surface 2 can now be bought for just $349, down from its previous price of $449.

The offer is available here on the Microsoft Store.

And if you are interested in a 64GB model, you can get it for $449 a pop, instead of the previous price tag of $549. And finally, the $100 price cut also applies to the 4G LTE model, which is now available for a slightly more manageable $579.

It is not exactly, the shiniest technology, but the Surface 2 holds its own in most uses.

You get a 10.6-inch display that pushes a resolution of 1920 by 1080, thanks to its NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. Some 2GB of RAM is standard, and although the internal capacity comes in at either 32GB or the more capacious 64GB, this can be extended via the cloud, in the form of OneDrive.

This special promo is only available for a limited time, so you might want to hurry up if are planning to make a Surface 2 purchase.

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  • busybee

    I’m not going to get it, but no denying it’s a great deal! Nice offer to take advantage of for sure.

    • Bill Franklin

      Yep. $349 for this product is a bargain in my opinion. Really solid chance.