Redmond starting shipping out its second generation Surface tablets earlier this week, and with these new and improved units on the market, the company is doing all it can to clear out inventories.

Microsoft had already rolled out a number of promotional discounts for its original tablets, both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, and now it is back with another handy price drop — this makes it the second time in three months, by the way.

But the sleek tablet is now considerably more affordable.

Starting today, and until December 31, the entry level model of the Surface Pro will cost buyers just $699. This makes it a discount of another $100 that Microsoft announced today. Bear in mind though that special promotion is only available to buyers in the United States and Canada.

As the company mentions on its official store page:

“Available in select Microsoft retail and online stores in US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada. Combinable with qualifying Touch Cover discount offer. Limited inventory available.”

The 128GB model of the Surface is now available for purchase for a mere $799, and the 256GB version now has a price tag of $999.

Microsoft has not yet announced whether similar discounts would be going live in other markets

But seeing as how the company is keen to move the remaining units of its first generation tablets, some more price cuts along these lines cannot be discounted (horrible pun, I know).

Anyway, those of you that want power usage will want the Surface Pro 2, for obvious reasons, but if you are okay with a serviceable battery life, and unhurried graphical performance, then this seems to be a pretty good price to snap up a premium device.

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  1. Any price cut is a good cut

  2. Charles V Brown Jr / October 25, 2013 at 8:42 am /Reply

    Will the new Type (or Touch) covers scratch the screen on the Surface/Pro 2 Tablets???

    • Yeah, this has been a bit of a concern for some buyers. Keeping an eye on this for sure, we should know soon, I hope, and fingers crossed the news is positive.

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