Bet not many saw this coming! Redmond has just announced the opening of an online store on eBay, with the intention of streamlining its sales operating in the United States.

The new store provides access to the latest Microsoft products, from Surface to Xbox, and the timing here is impeccable. With the Black Friday on November 29 squarely in sight, this should help the company make the most of the upcoming holiday season.

Microsoft shared some details on the opening:

“Our customers continue to tell us they want more choice, value and service and appreciate how our stores connect them to the best of Microsoft. This delights us to no end.”

With several new hardware products launched in the past few weeks (Surface and its various accessories), and more incoming (Xbox One), the company’s new strategy makes perfect sense, as it tries to make its products easily available to more users.

“By working with eBay, a top global shopping destination with more than 124 million active users globally, even more customers can now purchase their favorite Microsoft first-party products including Surface and Xbox, as well as accessories.

Our customers can expect the same safe online shopping experience, return policy and free shipping from the Microsoft Store on eBay that they’ve come to expect on”

The new eBay store provides access to both new and refurbished Microsoft products. However, it is only available to US buyers right now, but probably will expand to other markets in time.

But considering Microsoft needs as large a retail network as it can get, this is a pleasant new initiative.

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