Redmond has recently announced that it will release a total of seven bulletins on this month’s Patch Tuesday for Windows and Internet Explorer, and six of them are rated as Critical.

This month’s Patch Tuesday arrives on July 9.

The six critical updates bit is interesting — it is a rather high count of critical fixes, in fact, the most in one month for quite some time. The solitary remaining bulletin is marked as Important. And two of the six critical security patches require a reboot of the PC to be fully installed.

Microsoft aims to fix vulnerabilities in various versions of both Windows and Internet Explorer, and as is usually the case, the company has not provided any specifics in order to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from exploiting these flaws before they are properly patched.

Nevertheless, the brief summaries do show that the patches are aimed at nearly all versions of Windows, and remarkably, all involve fixing a “Remote Code Execution” issue. As you may have guessed, this is serious business.

One of the six critical updates is specifically targeted for all supported versions of Internet Explorer. Windows RT, on the other hand, only requires five of the six updates to be installed.

All fixes will, obviously, be rolled out via the integrated Windows Update feature, meaning no user interaction is required.

The software titan recently released the first updates for the just launched Windows 8.1 Preview earlier this week, as the company tries to repair bugs and stability issues reported by users for the upcoming operating system.

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