If you thought Microsoft brought along all the accessories for its Surface family at the launch party on Monday, you’d be squarely on the wrong side of being right.

The technology titan has made it no secret that it plans an absolute plethora of Surface accessories, particularly during these early few years of the tablets. Things will surely pick up in terms of third party peripherals as Surface tablets rake up sales numbers in the future.

But for now, Redmond wants to provide its loyal Surface users with anything and everything it can.

And the company has just made the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition official. This accessory is aimed squarely at people who buy the new tablet, and want to use a good old mouse to control things.

Keener among you may already be aware that the Arc Touch mouse is not exactly new — it has been around for a while now. And while this new custom edition does not bring any notable improvements, it has the Surface branding going for it, making this a perfect accessory for fans of the slates.

Microsoft emphasizes that just like the Surface 2, this mouse is deigned to be used on the go:

“Perfect for life on the go—that’s the Arc Touch Mouse. Comfortable, elegant, and eye-catching, with an innovative design that allows for quick use and storage. Enjoy a clutter-free work experience with BlueTrack Technology and precision control.”

The new special edition accessory is priced at $69.99, and is already available for preorder. The first units are set to be delivered to customers starting October 22, on the day the second generation Surface tablets go live.

And expect even more custom accessories for Microsoft tablets in the coming months, as Redmond confirmed not too long ago that a whole bunch of them are in development.

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  1. I like that Surface and Android tablets can use mice. Nay, love it. This is a major weakness with iPads. But $70 is a bit steap. Microsoft gets a lot of flack for its software and Surface RT but seldom the credit for their very good mice and keyboards.

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