Microsoft are assuring customers that supply issues will be better by Saturday

Today, as part of a chat on Twitter, Microsoft Surface team leader Panos Panay said that more units of the 128 GB Surface Pro would be made available at Microsoft Store and Best Buy locations by Saturday.

As usual, he declined to say exactly how many more units would be shipped.

You can read the tweet below…

  • GuyRich

    This is not looking good for MS at the moment and yet still no release date for the UK!!! Apple never have this problem and were talking alot of apple sheep buy for the sake of it and theres still plenty of stock.

    • WillyThePooh

      Actually, every Apple’s products had supply issues when they got released.

  • Sam

    What about inits at Staples? Only the Microsoft Store and Best Buy?

  • Sam

    What about units for Staples? Are only the Microsoft Store and Best Buy going to get them?

    • Robert Trance

      In the article you can see Staples too!!