Microsoft are serious about Windows 8 in-app advertising

Microsoft is working really hard to seamlessly weave ads into the fabric of Windows 8 games and apps.

In a new blog post and video on the Microsoft Advertising blog, they showed off some of these ad concepts.

This as part of its Advertising Week marketing push in New York City this week.

Check these out.

  • Mawdo

    I hate ads , and i thing this will keep me away from w8

    • Rex

      Ok then. I dont know how you expect to get free software and news without it. Since you are using this as a reason to not use Windows 8, it seems a bit hypocritical that you are here with all the advertising. In fact, I wonder how you use the internet at all.

      • Onuora Amobi

        Good point!!

      • panosd

        this is not a relevant comparison. For one, visiting a news site on the web comes with totally different expectations to using a core Windows application. I didn’t hear any mention of free apps and news being the trade-off with getting the ads, all I saw were core apps that come with Windows forcing you to have ads nearby.