It has been four months since the release of Windows 8, and while the media is filled with varying reports and reviews when it comes to Microsoft’s latest operating system, the company appears confident with how things are shaping up.

In fact, to celebrate the occasion the company has put together a new contest for Windows 8 users (in other words, early adaptors) that invites them to create a video “that showcases their personal Windows 8 story”. This one, quite obviously, is for the fans.

Microsoft detailed the contest in a blog post on the official Windows blog:

“Today marks exactly four months since launch of Windows 8 and your thoughts, comments, and discussions have reverberated throughout social media with a lot of excitement. Now, we would like to take it one step further: we want you to show us what you love to do and how Windows 8 is helping you do it”.

And here is an accompanying video:

What better ways to celebrate than to give away some goodies, eh?

Prizes (or as said “awesome prizes”) are worth over $50,000 and include an ORIGIN BIG O Gaming PC with a touchscreen monitor, Surface Pros, Windows 8 gear, along with an trip for two to a New York City Artist#Talk event, and even a trip to March Madness.

Not too shabby — except for the fact that this is only open to US users only.

You can take a look at the full contest rules at this special page, which also includes a registration link for those of you that want to submit their videos.

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  • WillyThePooh

    I am still thinking what win8 could help me to complete while win7 can’t.