Microsoft really need to work on this international thing. More so for Windows Phone users. The Microsoft Band wearable gadget just went live earlier this today.

And while the device is a piece of work, the release schedule leaves a bit to be desired.

The company announced US availability straight away, with no word on when it will be made available outside the United States. Joe Belfiore, however, dropped in for rescue, posting a scenario that many feared. It happened with Zune, it happened with Surface, and now this.

Basically, if you’re outside the United States, you have a rather long wait ahead of you in case you want to get your hands on the Microsoft Band — without having it shipped directly, that is.

According to Belfiore, Redmond plans to monitor the feedback in the US, before launching the wearable in other regions of the world. Here is the tweet that sets the record straight:

Not the news that many Microsoft fans, wanted to hear.

The senior executive was not blunt in his statement, but it appears that an international expansion is not on the cards for the foreseeable future. In any case, not this holiday season, surely. Meaning, you should not get your hopes up for getting the Band outside the United States via retail channels.

This obviously will not be much of an issue if the delay is minor.

But when you consider that a considerable portion of Windows Phone users is in Europe, it is quite disappointing to see the region placed on a waiting list.

Same goes for other parts of the globe.

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