If battery life is one of the biggest considerations for smartphone, it perhaps is the biggest for wearables. Microsoft Band, luckily, delivers some innovations on the battery front.

The first ever wearable device from Redmond was announced last night.

And the company has confirmed that the device runs for 48 hours — on a single charge of 90 minutes. So an hour and a half of charging time nets you two days of usage, give or take. That should make a lot of users happy, really.

No one wants to have to take off a device like this every day, or a couple of time a day, in order to charge it up. Smartphones are another matter, entirely.

But for wearable devices, this is an inconvenience that almost defeats the purpose.

This much is sure that the Microsoft Band is extremely power efficient. Some neat engineering has gone into the design to make sure of this. The company says that the wearable houses two tiny 105 mAh batteries.


Apparently that’s because Microsoft Research found out that it’s possible to get noticeable improvements in battery life by using two smaller cells instead of one large one.

Progress on the battery technology front has bene ridiculously slow, and nice to see Microsoft spending some effort on some internal research and development. Anyway, we’ll soon know how the claims of two days on a single charge hold up once users start using the Microsoft Band.

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