Whoa, bet no one saw this coming! With Microsoft Band, the company tried a new strategy of a stealth launch, so to say, without any announcement event, without any buildup of hype.

And it seems to have worked.

These are still early reports, but it appears that the $199 device is a hit with consumers, at least an early hit of sorts. The wearable has picked up quite a lot of interest from buyers, with many of them forming lines outside their local Microsoft Store outlets to grab a unit.

This is a win for the company, as most of its retail store rarely get this much foot traffic.

If the brick and mortar stores were busy today, then the online store was out of action — the Band quickly sold out in all sizes at the Microsoft Store website.

Microsoft Band Sold Out

The store page now serves up the usual message where buyers can sign up to be notified when the device gets back in stock. So if you want to get it right away, your only bet is to try your luck at a Microsoft Store and see if they have the model you need.

As a matter of fact, it’s better if you call the store before making the trip.

For the time being it appears that Microsoft has a hit on its hand. The company would want to build up on this by releasing some extra colors, perhaps, and making the wearable device available in other parts of the globe as soon as possible.

Best to make the most of this good turn of events, right?

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  • Black Eagle

    Cross platform

    • Fahad Ali

      That’s the magic bean!

      • Black Eagle

        Now Microsoft needs a couple more models. Release the software to manufacturing. To other OEM’s

  • James Bell

    Good! They finally have a consumer product that’s a hit. They need to hold onto this and leverage it to help other sales the same way Apple did with the iPod.