All roads were leading to this, and now the software titan has unveiled its first wearable. Going by the name of Microsoft Band, the device is not purely a smartwatch as some had speculated.

It is, however, a fitness tracker, smartwatch and notification screen all rolled into one classy form factor.

The device works on all major platforms including Windows, Windows Phone, OS X, iOS and Android, is available Thursday onwards, with a price tag of $199. And it comes with a boatload of sensors that keep track of your health as well as fitness goals.

Microsoft also rolled out this richly produced video ad:

A total of 10 sensors are included on Microsoft Band, some of which are unique like the one that tracks and reports UV exposure or the galvanic skin response measurement of a person.

The latter of which helps identify stress.

So basically, the device has some differentiating factors going for it that separate it from other solutions available on the market, including the various Fitbit hardware.

Another highlight is the ability to display a variety of different notifications — email messages, calendar reminders, received phone calls and text messages, social updates from Facebook and Twitter, even weather and finance details.

These are shown on the 310 x 102 pixels display.

Battery life, always an important consideration on wearable devices clocks in at 48 hours on a single charge, according to Microsoft. Which is good enough, when you think about it. This is more than a fitness device but not a full smartwatch, and Redmond is treading new ground here.

Remains to be seen how successful the device is, but early reception is positive.

What do you think?

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  • Nascar Dog

    Me want!

    • Fahad Ali

      The feeling’s mutual! Pretty neat device, will be getting it in the coming months.

  • Black Eagle

    Being cross platform will help a lot. It would have been great if they came out with two models. This one and a round smartwatch that had more features.

    • Fahad Ali

      I think that’s coming next. If the Microsoft Band is a success, then a full smartwatch is the logical next step.

      • Black Eagle

        I have noticed that people they try it are having a more positive reaction then with Android wear. Just like the Surface Pro 3. Although it seems that people won’t say that publically.

  • Zeljko

    This is the real thing!

    • Fahad Ali

      It is, indeed.

  • Markim

    I like the length of time the battery holds out considering all the sensors it has to support.