Microsoft band was not the only big announcement coming from Redmond last night. The company also unveiled its new health and fitness platform, going by the simple name of Microsoft Health.

The fitness tracker works with Health, which is designed to unify all health, fitness, and sports activities for users. The software titan has also released the associated apps that can be used to set up the Band wearable — on Windows, Apple and Google app stores.

Interestingly, the power of the health platform stems from its cross platform and openness.

It is open for other developers and integrates well with other services and platforms. So far UP by Jawbone, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness work with Microsoft Health, with extended support for other devices on the cards.

This openness also extends to other devices — smartwatches, wearables and even other smartphones that have fitness tracking capabilities built in.

Microsoft also makes it possible to share your Health data with Microsoft HealthVault, whereby it can be securely shared with your medial provider.

But perhaps the most ambitions part of this puzzle is what Redmond is billing as the Intelligence Engine, which collects data and provides interesting insights by tracking for patterns on different timescales. For example, if you had trouble sleeping after a certain meeting, and things like that.

Microsoft is at its finest when delivering on ambition, innovation and openness, and if the Microsoft Health platform is a sign of things to come, the future couldn’t be more exciting.

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