Microsoft Battling With American Express For Foursquare Equity Share

Microsoft may have a decently strong relationship with Foursquare, and the social company just recently launched its official Windows 8 app just a couple of days ago.

But it did not take long for gossip to surface that the Redmond based technology titan was looking to make a strategic investment in Foursquare. Now, it appears that Microsoft may have to fight it out with another large company for the rights.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft and American Express are just two of the many companies that are reportedly involved in talks with Foursquare Labs over a possible strategic investment.

However, insider sources close to the matter reveal that talks with Microsoft have already reached an advanced stage — meaning we may hear something official on this very soon.

American Express, however, is rather serious to invest in Foursquare, and is said to be Redmond’s biggest competitor in all this. Nevertheless, while the probability of a joint bid remain very low, the report claims that discussions could also end up with no deals between the involved parties.

In other words, nothing is set in stone yet, even though talks are at an advanced stage.

Redmond has so far refused to comment on the matter. But this much is a given that Foursquare could turn out to be a great addition to Microsoft’s portfolio of services. Better yet, it would support the technology titan’s efforts in the social market.

Bing and other similar services from Microsoft would be at an advantage from this deal if it goes through. Foursquare, as you may well be aware, offers users the possibility to virtually “check in” whenever they visit points of interest like restaurants and bars.

The privately held social networking service currently boasts over 33 million users.