Microsoft is currently busy deciding on a new chief financial officer, and word is that Redmond may name the new CFO as early as next week. Outstandingly enough, it could be the first time the company names a woman executive for the post in its history.

Peter Klein recently announced his decision to leave Microsoft (for personal reasons), and this has led to the technology titan to start search for a new chief financial officer.

A new report over at BusinessWeek shows that the current chief financial officer of the Windows division, along with Amy Hood who holds the same position in the business division are the leading candidates for this vacant position.

Tami Reller (left) has been in the spotlight since late last year after taking charge of the Windows division at the company. Amy Hood (right) handles things at the Business division of the software giant, which includes the Office productivity suite.

Additionally Rick van der Kooi, the chief operating officer for the Online Services unit is also in the race for the Next Microsoft CFO, though no official details are available for the time being.

Tami Reller along with Julie Larson-Green is two of the high profile Microsoft executives tasked with handling everything Windows 8. Both were appointed leads of the Windows unit after the departure of Steven Sinofsky back in November last year.

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  1. Hi, Reller is on the left side.

  2. According to NY Times (May 8, 6:10pm):

    Microsoft named Amy Hood, an executive at the company, as its chief financial officer, the first woman to hold the top finance job at Microsoft.

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