What, tired by all the Windows XP hoopla already? The operating system that saw daylight in 2001 is now four generations behind, but a substantial amount of users are yet to move away from it.

In fact, the sheer market share of this ancient platform is enough to alarm Microsoft.

This time around a company official in New Zealand, Frazer Scott, said that Windows XP was quickly becoming a dangerous platform as cybercriminals are bound to try and exploit any and all vulnerabilities they find in the operating system after the April 8 cutoff date:

“The number of computers still running Windows XP in businesses and homes around the country is alarming, as the risks of contracting harmful viruses and spyware is very real.”

The time to move to a newer version of Windows has come, the company once again echoes.

But which version of Windows? Unsurprisingly, the company vouches for Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 7, even as a large amount of the Windows XP user base seems to be choosing Windows 7 as their next destination of choice.

Cindy Bates, vice president of Microsoft’s US Small and Midsize Business (SMB) division has said that partners that are moving XP users to Windows 7 instead of Windows 8.1 are doing a disservice. A true, by the books disservice.

Speaking at a conference she said that things have changed in Windows 8.1 for users that were taken aback by the Modern UI at first:

“We listened, and now you have the ability to default to the classic desktop with buttons.”

Okay, not so sure about the buttons bit, but Redmond has accommodated many of the changes that users demanded in Windows 8.1. The upcoming Spring Upgrade (also known as Update 1) to the platform is set to make the platform even more accessible to keyboard and mouse users.

But the big story here is that only 35 days now remain before Windows XP is officially retired. Let’s just hope it does not take a high profile disaster for the user base to make its mind.

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  • Ray C

    There was never anything wrong with desktop mode to begin with

  • WillyThePooh

    For casual XP users, they should not upgrade to win7. Those XP users didn’t upgrade to win7 before means they want to use the OS until the end of its support life. Upgrade to win7 would means facing upgrade decision in 5-6 years again. That’s a very short time comparing to how long they have been using XP. Upgrade to win8.1 at least will let them upgrade free for about 10 years.