So this happened. Microsoft has apparently decided on a new CEO, with reports claiming that cloud boss Satya Nadella is all set to take over from Steve Ballmer as the next Redmond leader.

But the upper management changes are not just limited to Ballmer giving his seat to Nadella.

Bill Gates, the force behind the company, could soon resign as the chairman — a replacement will take his place, though it is not yet clear whether this would happen at the same time when the new CEO takes charge or at a later date.

This report by Bloomberg reveals that Microsoft’s board is currently discussing the possibility of bringing in a new chairman, with a familiar name thrown in the mix.

Independent director John Thompson, in charge of the special committee set up to look for a new CEO is a potential replacement for Bill Gates as chairman. If something like this goes through, it could be a rather interesting turn of events.

Nevertheless, Gates will still have a very active role in Redmond’s business. The man has himself indicated that he plans to be highly involved in helping whoever takes charge as the new CEO.

Still, this is just another unofficial report, one that cites unnamed sources. Take it at face value for now, until we hear more from the parties involved. And hear, we just might, soon.

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