Refinements, refinements. Microsoft’s board has quite a task on its hand to search for a new leader for the company, and it seems like we are getting ever closer to hearting the final name.

According to a new report, the board will meet later today to discuss and refine the CEO choices.

Bloomberg claims, citing unofficial sources, that the board set a meeting on Monday to discuss the existing choices. Some of these names have already made their way out via previous reports, but the directors now want to keep a maximum of three to five people in the race for the hot seat.

As of right now, the usual suspects include Ford’s CEO Alan Mulally, former Nokia chief Stephen Elop, and a bunch of Redmond internals like Kevin Turner, Tony Bates and Satya Nadella.

That’s not to say one or two more names may not be under the radar — but either way, the shortlist is all set to be trimmed later today, and it could well be a three way race.

And although there are no pointers on when Microsoft would announce Steve Ballmer’s successor, insiders have hinted that the company wants to make a decision by the end of the year. In any case, we may yet hear about who the final few names are later today.

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