These lengthy and detailed blog posts are the absolute best way to highlight the new features of the veracious components of the upcoming Windows 8.1, and Microsoft has just rolled out another one.

This time the company talks about many of the new features that are part of the brand new Internet Explorer 11 — and how it’s latest and greatest browser interacts with the new operating system.

Microsoft claims that IE 11 offers the absolute best browsing experience on the tablet.

A bunch of new optimizations and enhancements have been made in this regard, allowing the latest version of the popular web browser to open up to 100 tabs in each window, along with the ability to switch from one website to another much faster than before.

And that is without talking about side by side browsing for up to three different web pages:

“When you click a link from the Mail app or launch an article from the Reading List app IE is automatically arranged side-by-side. You can check a map while reading directions to a friend’s house.

And whether you are using a small device or a large one, you can see two things at once on the web by opening multiple windows of IE side-by-side. Easily compare two sites at once or use two sites together by launching multiple, full-featured windows of IE11.”

The company also touches upon new options like calling phone numbers using Skype from right within the websites, along with the ability to put your favorite website in a Live Tile, the Reading View and the new, touch optimized address bar.

In terms of performance improvements, IE 11 comes with much improved and optimized battery life usage, along with enhanced touch responsiveness:

“IE11 produces ‘stick to your finger’ touch responsiveness by using the whole PC to process gestures such as panning, zooming, and swiping. Also using the entire PC – and specifically the GPU – allows us to offload intensive tasks like image decoding so we can improve battery life and keep your CPU free to render page elements.

For you this means IE11 makes browsing fast and fluid by prioritizing work and by pre-fetching content in the background so pages load almost instantaneously.”

Internet Explorer 11 will officially mark its arrival with Windows 8.1 later this month, where it comes installed by default. Users of Windows 7, however, will also be able to download the desktop version of the browser as an optional download at a later date.

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  1. I really like 10 and it looks like 11 is more then just 1 better.

  2. Rodney Longoria / October 9, 2013 at 3:03 pm /Reply

    But when is IE11 coming out for WinXP?

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