This is the week, folks! Windows 8.1 soars into the spotlight as it launches worldwide this coming Friday, October 18. And speaking of spotlights, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to talk about the updated Skype app in the new operating system.

The company decided to make Skype the default messaging client on Windows 8.1, and the popular VoIP client now comes preinstalled on all versions of the OS.

And in a new blog post, Redmond explains that overall Windows 8.1 has been all about addressing the needs of the users through innovation in design, features and infrastructure. And this philosophy carries onto the updated Skype modern app too.

“We were able to scale Skype’s brand and technology innovation while enhancing Microsoft’s portfolio of real-time communications products. Most importantly, we were thrilled by the opportunities to extend the value of Skype to other Microsoft products and services – Windows 8.1 is a direct result of these efforts.”

The Skype app has been on the receiving end of several exciting new enhancements — large and small. For example, there is now an option that allows users to answer an incoming call straight from the Lock Screen, and run other apps (like Mail) side by side with Skype.

Even the UI of the app can now be scaled to fit the size of a device as needed. As Microsoft says:

“We worked closely with Windows engineering to make sure Skype was seamlessly integrated with Windows 8.1 – so it’s not just the communications app that comes with your operating system, but a useful tool to stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues.”

Do keep in mind that these new enhancements are only reserved for the Modern UI version of the Skype client, not the regular desktop one. And even though Skype is preinstalled on Windows 8.1, the app will also be available as a separate download from the Windows Store.

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  1. Good news. I have not used Skype or Oovoo a lot lately, but I do need to get on it more. I hope they continue to constantly work on and improve all their software.

  2. dumb. Still waiting for them to add msn features. They need to add custom emoticons before I ever use it. Not to mention the other 15 features its missing….

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