Office 365 is, without doubt, one of the best new products (or services, for that matter) that Microsoft has recently launched. And the cloud-powered productivity suite is tearing up the charts, ever since release.

Every other week, we hear about new businesses, enterprises, institutes and organizations that sign up for the cloud-based solution. And now Redmond has just announced that its new subscription-based service has reached one million customers.

Statistically speaking, the company has sold more than one subscription every second on average since the public debut of Office 365 — this makes it the company’s most successful Office version to date.

Microsoft made a post on the official Office blog saying:

“However, the numbers are only part of the story. At its core, Office exists to help people get things done, and people tell us they are choosing the service because it delivers full Office, it keeps them always up-to-date and it’s a fantastic value.”

The software titan also released an infographic to explain just how remarkable this milestone is. According to the infographic aside of Instagram, Office 365 is the number one service when it comes to the overall time needed to reach 1 million subscribers.

And the most interesting thing is that this is just the beginning. With new updates in the pipeline for Office 365, and close integration with the company’s cloud infrastructure, the future is poised to bring even more success to the cloud-powered office productivity suite.

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