Now this is a raging success for a service that launched just a few months back.

And Microsoft has let us know of some tight plans for its premier email service, including a new one-click archive function, more keyboard shortcuts and additional customization options. Oh, and a new app for Android, which just saw the light of day at Google Play.

The company detailed all what they have planned for the platform on its Office Blog.

As the graph above shows a large percentage of users signed up for the service right around the time Windows 8 launched. Most likely a lot of them are users creating new accounts to setup the OS.

But regardless, stands on its own as a fast and nicely design platform for cloud emails. Speaking from personal experience, as far as core functionality is concerned, I prefer it to all other web based email services.

It’s perfectly suited for both desktop and mobile use.

And in classic Microsoft fashion the company called out Google’s Gmail service saying that around a third of users are also active Gmail users trying out Microsoft’s platform for the first time.

In fact, after spending around a week with, 4 out of 5 users said they would switch to

As long as the service keeps improving and new features like the ones above are regularly added in,’s place at the very top is safe.

This very well could be the return of the king.

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  • innocentmind

    Google is trying its best to copy this thu Gmail. Do you think it will work fine?

  • insideroftheday

    Gmail launched its offline deck, and is now promoting the gmail organization email server. if this gets more successful, then it can.

  • innocentmind

    Let’s see in a few months